Charlotte Riggle

Photograph of Charlotte Riggle, author of Catherine's Pascha

Author, Catherine’s Pascha

It’s been many years since Charlotte Riggle had to take candles away from her children before they set someone’s hair on fire. She won’t tell you which one tried to kiss a candle flame during a Holy Friday procession, or which one slept through the entire Pascha service and woke up the next morning wailing, “I missed Pascha!”

She will tell you that when she first wrote this book, they were much younger and much smaller than they are now. She’s learned that children grow up and find their way in the world sooner than books do.

If you visit Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Tacoma, Washington, where she is a member, you’ll find her on the north side of the nave, with a hat on her head. She’s married to Reader Alexis Riggle, who is a high school math teacher and has recently finished writing a book of saints. The house they share is filled with books, laughter, music, and a large, fluffy white dog.

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Charlotte blogs occasionally at the Orthodox Christian Network. Her most recent essay there, Of the Making of Many Books, is about being that person who gives books for every possible occasion.

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