R.J. Hughes

Photograph of R.J. Hughes, illustrator of Catherine's Pascha

Illustrator, Catherine’s Pascha

An artist and avid reader from childhood, R.J. Hughes was that girl happily drawing and reading in her room during the summer…and the winter…while she was supposed to be doing her chores…at her desk during class…then college…and even now (possibly while still trying to avoid chores!).

It’s led to a deep love of the written word, the pencil and brush, silver and gold, and now, a tablet with a computer and digital brush.

After growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and earning an art degree from Taylor University, she’s experienced life as an apprentice jeweler, the curator of a WWII museum, a university archivist, an author, blogger, and an illustrator.  She’s now on her biggest adventure yet, raising three active children together with her husband.

She and her family live in Indiana, surrounded by wide cornfields outdoors, and books and laughter indoors. Every chance they get, the family returns to Michigan. There’s nothing like the sound of the waves lapping Lake Michigan’s beaches, or the wind roaring through the white pines on the dunes.

Hughes is also the author and illustrator of a WWII book, Surviving the Flier, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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