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This blog is somewhat random, but not totally random. My posts fall more or less into four categories — posts about life in the Orthodox Church, recipes, book reviews, and everything else. You can start on this page if you just want to explore. Or click one of the links if you want to browse posts in a particular category. And if you are looking for something that’s more closely related to Pascha, use the menu at the top of the page.

Rosa by Nikki Giovanni: A Review

If you’ve had a child in elementary school in the past ten years, you’ve probably seen Rosa by Nikki Giovanni. My kids are all older than that, so I hadn’t seen it. But it won Caldecott honors for its magnificent illustrations, and it was the winner of the Coretta...

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St. Gorgonia the Audacious

St. Gorgonia isn't officially called "the Audacious." But she was audacious. The Family of St. Gorgonia Gorgonia’s parents, Gregory and Nonna, were both saints. So was her brother. We know him as St. Gregory the Theologian. She probably thought of him as her whiny...

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Baseball Saved Us: A Review

Baseball Saved Us. It’s an intriguing title. Your immediately find yourself asking, saved who? From what? And why are the little boys on the cover of the book inside a barbed wire fence? Baseball at Camp The boys are Japanese. The world is at war. The boys and their...

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Me and Uncle Romie: A Review

I’ll have to admit that I had never heard of Romare Bearden until I saw Claire Hartfield’s Me and Uncle Romie. He was a child living in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance, and grew up to be an important artist of the 20th century. But I know so little about artists....

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Thoughts on Our House Blessing

We had our house blessed on Saturday. For most Orthodox Christians, the house blessing is an annual event. Some time between Theophany and the beginning of Lent, your priest comes to your home. There are prayers at your icon corner. Then the family and the priest...

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When People Are Mean: Guest Post by D. G. Driver

My oldest brother went to middle school way across town because it had the best special education program. It had a year-round schedule, so my parents pulled me out of my walking-distance elementary school and plopped me into a year-round school also pretty far from...

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Catherine’s Pascha Moves to Australia

Illustrator R.J. Hughes brought a little bit of Australia to Catherine’s Pascha, when she added St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox Church in Coober Pedy, South Australia, to the illustrations. And now Archangel Raphael Book House has brought Catherine’s Pascha to Australia!...

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St. Scholastica and the Thunderstorm

We don’t know a great deal about St. Scholastica. And most of what we do know, we know because she was the twin sister of St. Benedict. Because we know when and where he was born, and who his parents were, we know that about her, too. We also know that, when he went...

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The Buffalo Soldier: A Review

Like the Tardis, or Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, The Buffalo Soldier is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. On the outside, it’s just a picture book, written by Sherry Garland and illustrated by Ronald Himler. But when you open the cover and begin to unpack...

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Almond Flour Biscuits or Almond Flour Bread

If you’re on a low carb diet of any sort, the thing that’s hard is baked goods. At least, that's hard for me. I love cookies and cake. And I used to eat bread and pasta as staples. Substitutions can help, of course. You can try raw baby spinach for rice if you’re...

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Two Books Featuring Delightful Old Women

Today is my birthday. I’ve never thought too much about my birthdays, or about my age at all. I’m getting older, of course. But I’m not old yet. I’m just old enough to be contemplating what sort of person I want to be when I am old. And I think that I want to be Miss...

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St. Brigid’s Cloak and Blueberry Jam

My anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t allow sweets, but today, I’m having a bit of jam anyway. Blueberry jam. Because of St. Brigid's cloak. St. Brigid of Ireland was a woman of great power and a friend of the poor. People who love her tell many, many wonderful stories...

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